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Specialized software for reporting and management of agribusiness - Contracts for lease, rent; Register estate, lessors, documents; Rental; Automatic data export to the Inquiry card for farmers, Art.70 and Art. 69, Excel; The working of lands - planted cultures, inputs-materials, labor, fuels, stocks, production - produce, cost ...


Arendator Club (Leaseholder club) is an online club for all growers, which wants to modify their work through minimizing handwork in the area of administrative reporting of their activity. You have connectivity to your tasks anytime, anywhere via Internet. We offer the applications from Arendator Club, which makes easier the management of Property, Contracts and Owners registers. It is easy to control annuity ground rent and cost price of your production. You will be at one click distance from declarations under article 69 and 70 from Bulgarian law about agricultural land, questionnaire of grower and many other administrative inquiries in accordance with Bulgarian law. You can download our newest application for searching & finding properties and their visualization on geographical map. Thanks to it is possible to find any property by number and EKATTE. It is mobile phones & tablets compatible, whenever & wherever needed. You receive AGROZADACHNIK (Agro-Scheduler) too. It is office version and mobile application, through which is possible to manage and report agricultural processing and to keep a close watch to the work in real time.


Information system for graphical representation of the processed arrays in use (blocks / fields).


Agromanager-BG is a modern GIS system. It is easy to watch closely when & what is happen on every piece of your land. You have detailed information about crop sewed and resources, invested in them. Your agronomist can create tasks for the land workers, using chosen land and activity or processing. The computer automatically transfers prepared data to the tractor navigation system, so you have a complete navigation system, thanks to which your employees can to till more precisely the land chosen. Meanwhile you can know where exactly your machines are.


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