RENTER-BG is a specialized software product for agribusiness accounting and management.

– prepares registers for Lease, Rent; Register of properties, landlords, documents.

– It makes it easy to calculate and pay Rent.

– There is an automatic export of data to Questionnaire, Art.70, and Art. 69, Excel.

– Helps to account for treatments – crops sown, inputs – materials, labor, fuels, stocks; production – yields, cost…

– There is also an AGRICULTURAL MAP module for delineating arrays.

CLIENT CLUB ( is an online club for all farmers who wish to modernize their work by minimizing manual labor in the field of administrative reporting of their activities. You have access at any time, from anywhere with Internet connectivity. We offer you the applications from the Tenant Club group that will make it easier to keep registers of properties, contracts and owners to them at times. You will easily keep track of the rent payment and the cost of your production. With one button you will make declarations under art. 69 and 70 of the RAPPPP, Questionnaire of the LP, as well as other administrative reports.

You can download the Find a Property mobile application to find properties and map them. With its help, you can easily find the property you are looking for only by a given number and ECATTE. It can be used on phones and tablets whenever and wherever you need it.

You also get an AGGREGER (office variant and mobile application) to submit and report land-processing tasks and keep track of your work in real time. It can also be used as an Information System for graphically representing arrays of usage (blocks / fields).

Agromanager-bg is a state-of-the-art GIS system that lets you easily track when exactly what is happening on each of your blocks. You have detailed information about the crops planted and the resources that are embedded in them. Your agronomist can easily create a task for field workers by specifying the specific array and processing required, and then automatically transfer the data to the worker’s navigation system. In addition, you get a navigation system that allows your employees to process the specified array more precisely, and during this time you can monitor the location of the machine on the field. Data is automatically transferred to your computer instantly.

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